Paolo Degiampietro (1970 Cavalese) BA at the International Institute of Photography and Visual Arts of Padova (Italy), Master in new journalism at Luiss University of Rome. After several experiences in various photographic fields he focused his attention on documentary photography.

The passion for anthropological research pushes him to visit Asia: Nepal, Tibet, India and then Africa: Namibia, Mali and Ethiopia. Here he undertook a study concerning the populations living nearby large rivers.

He mainly dealt with social and humanitarian issues.

In 2003-04 he reported the nomads community in Treviso area, in Italy. In 2004 he went to Romania for a study on abandoned childhood.

In 2005-06 he undertook a photographic project regarding child labor in Latin America (Bogota -Colombia). In 2008 he went to Israel and Palestine.

In 2006 /07-10-12 he moved to Sierra Leone for a sociological-photographic research on the general conditions of the country after the end of the civil conflict.

Currently his efforts are employed to develop a research project dedicated to the situation of childhood in need.

He made more than 20 individual and group exhibitions, his works received recognition on both national and international level. He published a book entitled “Trabajo” (Damiani Publishing, Bologna 2008) and co-author with numerous other publications.